Joseph Pelrine - Agile Psychologist
You can't stop the waves<br>from coming, but you can<br>learn to surf

And I can help you


The quote above, from Jon Kabat-Zinn, is one of my life mottos.

The unpredictable and rapidly-changing world in which we live demands a lot from us. Sometimes even more than we can deal with alone. As a behavioural scientist who has worked with agile methods since the beginning, I specialise in helping people, teams, and organisations not only to adapt to, but also to pro-actively work at changing the world they live in. I do this utilising state-of-the-art tools and techniques from psychology, social complexity, and agility.

Let me help you learn to surf.



As a trained psychologist, I understand not only how people think and act, and how to help them improve. I also know how to ask the right questions, and how to correctly interpret the answers.

Social Complexity

Having worked in the field of social complexity since the early 2000's, I understand the subtle actions and interactions that make up team dynamics, and how to optimise the self-organisation, emergence, and co-evolution in social complex systems.


As one of Europe's pioneers of agile, having worked in many domains and positions ranging from developer to manager, I know how to use and adapt agile methods in order to be able to quickly, efficiently, and effectively respond to the unpredictable and rapidly-changing world in which we live.


Since the text above is a bit abstract, here's an overview of some of the services I provide to my clients.