Scrum is a triple win proposition

by admin

How often have I heard people talking about win-win situations in business, where what they ended up with was was, at best a compromise – i.e., where everyone gets what no one really wants.

At the end of my Scrum courses, I do a final exercise and let the attendees prepare a 5-minute presentation on Scrum. Depending on the people and circumstances, this presentation may be targeted at management, marketing, customers, developers etc. At a recent course, someone asked me how I would present Scrum as an elevator story to management, and I remembered something I used when starting my business in 2001:

Scrum is not a win-win proposition, but a triple win-win-win proposition. It meets the needs of all 3 parties involved in the process: customers, management, and developers.

  • Customers¬† win by getting the product they actually want and need.
  • Management wins by having a real-time tracking and controlling of time and budget.
  • And last but not least, developers win by having the freedom and responsibility to build world-class products.

That’s my story in a nutshell…