Now that’s customer service!

by admin

A recent Swiss flight I took to Berlin was delayed for an hour because of snow, and when we got on board, the purser announced that there would be a further delay. What happened next was amazing. The captain himself came out of the cockpit, grabbed the microphone, and explained to us what was happening. Because of the delay getting into Z├╝rich, we lost our slot for the flight, and the next one was in 45 minutes. He said that if we lucked out and were given an earlier slot, and were still standing outside, the time we needed to board would have caused us to miss that slot too. For that reason, he decided to board us, and was now able to complain to flight control that he had a full plane that was waiting for an earlier slot. It worked! We got a slot after 25 minutes.

Now that’s what I call customer service! Thanks, Captain Martin Simon!