“Coaching self-organizing teams” course goes live in London

by admin

So, I’ve come full circle. “Coaching self-organizing teams” started out as an advanced training course which I held in-house for my best clients. It’s one of a group of courses I developed to help people working as coaches and ScrumMasters to do their job better. I’ve presented shorter versions of it quite successfully at a number of conferences:

XPDay Benelux 2008
XPDay Germany 2008
XPDay London 2008
OOP 2009
QCon 2009
SPA 2009

and now it’s time to offer the full 1-day course. I’ll be running it in London on Thursday, May 21, and you can find more details about it here. If you’re interested in becoming the best agile coach you can be, you won’t want to miss this course.