Book status

by admin

So, my book is finally starting to take shape. As we clean up and copy edit it, I’ll be posting bits and pieces here. Feel free to drop by here now and again to see if anything new has been posted – or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Another reason for posting book excerpts is to establish a bit of precendence. I’ve been researching and talking about why all this agile stuff works for years now, but since I never wrote much about it, and since a lot of others are starting to learn the same lessons, I guess I have to “stake my claim”.

I released a small excerpt back in October, which was posted on the Agile Journal website. It was intended to be the first part of a multi-part post. Unfortunately, after posting, 2 things happened: first, I crashed and burnt out, which put me out of work for a few months; and second, during the time I had to work on the book, the whole direction and structure of it changed. This meant that a continuation of the post would not have been a book excerpt, but a separate article, and I didn’t have the energy to do that. My apologies to all of you waiting for the follow-up.